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Selling your Amazon Account should be a
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The goal of our service is to make sure that you can sell your account with peace of mind and that you will get paid immediately with the best offer price. Schedule a free consultation with us for ANY question you may have. We are here to assist you to make a productive decision.

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Check our step-by-step process.

Clear Account Evaluation

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Fast Contract Approval

After Agreeing on the offer, we will send you ana easy-to-fill contract through Eversign to approve selling your account to our company

Receive Payment Immediately

Schedule a free zoom Consulation & Screen Share or Contact us on Whatsapp

Account Transfer

You will send the details of your amazon account immediately after signing the contract & receiving your payment

Guaranteed Safety & Satisfaction.

Answer: We made it as safe as possible. ( For you )
We developed a guaranteed selling process which is totally safe for our clients. After an account review, we send an upfront bank payment directly to the account’s owner. After the funds arrive, we continue with the account ownership transfer with the help of our professional managers.
Explanation: Our step-by-step buying/selling process puts you in a safe position.
You receiving the money first is important. That’s why, after the account review, we will send you an upfront payment directly to your bank account.
After you receive the funds, we will continue with the account details/owners transfer with the help of our professional

Answer: Age is valuable.

Explanation: Older Amazon Seller accounts that have a sales history feature many benefits in comparison with new accounts.

Some benefits such accounts have are:

  • Existing seller account reviews.
  • Amazon immediate approval for certain products, Categories.

Answer: Yes.

Explanation: Amazon allows account owners to change all personal information such as legal entity, email address, bank account, and address. By using this mechanism, we are able to perform an account ownership transfer during which all of your personal information will be changed to the details of the new account owner.


Zero-Risk & Immediate Payments

You will receive the offer with in 15-30 Minutes after Account Evaluation. In some cases, we might need to go over the financials and more details to determine to BUY OUT PRICE including with FBA Stock.

Fast-Reply Support from our Managers.