Transform an Idle Account into ! Sell Your Amazon Business Account Online and Make Money Today

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Sure, that Amazon Business Account sounded like a good idea

when you first heard about it, but you quickly started realizing that it can just as easily cost you money or go unused, turning it into a waste of resources at a time when you can least afford it.

We want to take this relic off your hands while giving others an opportunity to make you an offer.

You’re probably wondering why someone else would want to make an offer on an Amazon Business account, and well… …
Here’s why:

Your Safety Is Guaranteed.

Receive Payment First

ou receive the money before you transfer the account details, ensuring that you cannot be taken advantage of

Transfer After Payment

Once you’ve received the funds, and you’re satisfied, we will start transferring the account to the new owner. Amazon does allow you to change all your account information, thus enabling the transfer of ownership.

Full Transparency

There is full transparency as you view the offer before deciding to accept it, and you can reach out to us at any time via WhatsApp or Zoom to discuss any problems.

Other Information

Zero-Risk & Immediate Payments

You will receive the offer with in 15-30 Minutes after Account Evaluation. In some cases, we might need to go over the financials and more details to determine to BUY OUT PRICE including with FBA Stock.

Fast-Reply Support from our Managers.